President & CEO

President & CEO

Robert Olman

Robert ‘Bob’ Olman has owned and operated capital markets search firms since 1988. In 2002, Mr. Olman founded Alpha Search Advisory Partners to serve the alternative asset management industry. As a man with a profound aptitude for finding the best human capital, Mr. Olman has led successful searches for senior level asset management professionals across geographies, asset classes, strategies, roles and functions. Using his experience and talent, Mr. Olman developed Origin to help companies develop stellar candidate universes. 

Elaine Lobo

Joining Alpha Search Advisory Partners in 2011, Elaine now serves as the Project Manger for the Origin team. Elaine has over two years' experience in Investment Banking & Equity Research in globally known large financial institutions. She holds both an MBA in Finance and a Master's degree in Commerce (Banking & Finance), both from Mumbai University. 


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