Since 2002, we've been placing high-performing talent in alternative asset management. Now we're expanding our product suite to bring our clients even greater value than before.

Our Mission

At Alpha Search, we have always had one goal in mind - to make our clients money. In executive search, we've placed talent ranging from seasoned C-level executives to entire project teams. Now with Origin, we're providing our clients with yet another avenue to increase their People Alpha by building them affordable & actionable talent universes. 

How it works

After the initial spec conversation, the Origin team scours troves of data, including our own proprietary database of more than 37,000 professionals from around the globe, to produce and deliver a unique, bespoke talent universe in 5 business days. We work with you every step of the way to ensure utmost quality of our product and customer satisfaction. 

Why outsource?

Simple -- with Origin you have the ability to expand and contract research staff capacity on demand to match your needs. What's more, there are no agency fees. 

Why Origin?

Alpha Search is a specialized executive search firm in financial services. This means we're complete subject matter experts with zero ramp-up to effectiveness.

  • Our reports are comprehensive and highly customizable, offering nearly unlimited selection criteria, objective and subjective. 
  • The Origin team is dedicated, working only research for our clients. This ensures quality and speed of work. 
  • We can reduce your cost-per-hire (CPH) by up to 48%. We feature tiered pricing that help us ensure cheapest-to-deliver. 
  • With 5 business day turnarounds from project initiation to delivery, we help you accelerate your timelines like no other research team, in-house or contracted, can. 

Let your hook be always cast. In the pool where you least expect it, will be fish.
— Ovid